Kristena’s Launch Team

What is a Launch Team?

A launch team is a group of people who are passionate about helping to spread the word about a book. I am looking for people like this. A launch team is crucial to a successful book launch. Someone on a launch team is passionate about getting the word out about a new book that a love author is launching. I need this kind of person here. The idea that anyone would sign up (much less pay) to do legwork on a book launch has been shown to be ineffective. I don’t pay. I don’t give out a free book, but I do honor and hold in high esteem those who work with me to get an enormous job done.

Why join the team?

My book is historical fiction set in Biblical times. There’s no reason other than your belief in me and my writing and a desire to supporting me. I’m far from launching at the moment, but I am gathering my team and work toward having a fantastic launch. I will add your name in my book acknowledgments. You will receive insider information, be Beta readers, and be the first to see my cover when it comes out. Help me show the big publishing corporations that indie authors can be successful too.

Why Now

My book won’t be coming out for several months. But if you join now, you can be an alpha reader and I will acknowledge you in my book

What is Expected

My book isn’t complete, and it may be up to a year before it is. For those that sign up now, you will need you to post one a month on your social media to keep up the “buzz” and bring an excitement about its coming.

I will expect my launch team members to:

*Preorder the book,
*Write a review on Amazon, GoodReads, their social media and with your circle of friends.
*Help brainstorm for new ways to reach others
*Be an active advertizing supporter
*Be available three months before the launch and one month after, to promote.
*Have fun at special group events that only you will be invited to.

The main launch timetable will begin about a month before the actual day of launch. I will send you cards to pass out to friends, family, and church acquaintances. Also, hand these out in the store lines, leave them on tables or anywhere you think will be affective.

You will also discuss topics in the book and you will help me fine tune it. You will see the cover first and get insider info that no one else will receive.

Being on a launch team is work. If this isn’t for you, that’s fine, but signing up and not being active will hurt me, not help. So please consider this before agreeing.

Why I’m Not Giving Free Copies of my Book

I realize this may sound self-serving and like I’m being a money hound, but there are solid reasons I have made this choice. The main one is that I need commitment. The Bible tells us that “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) I need people that have a heart for me and this book. I need commitment and directed energy. I need to know that my team is doing this to help me and not just to get a free book.
Another reason is the way Amazon is now logging reviews. Most of the people I gave book to on my last launch were never posted by Amazon. Amazon threw them out because they weren’t “verified reviews”
I need both your reviews and your support. Most of you are readers and will spend this much on books a month, anyway. I promise you, you will receive your desired reward for your help.

Still interested? Apply to join!

Follow this link to apply for my launch team

Thank you!