Love Out Of the Closet

Photo by Jaime Serrano on Unsplash
PhotoShopped by Kristena

Love Out of the Closet – (LOFTC)
Help for Christian with loved ones in the LGBTQ lifestyle. Loving them while continuing to stand firm for Christ.

This ministry is new and just in the baby steps of development.
We do have a FaceBook page.
Please direct your friends in need, to this new site, It’s still very new, but I believe this is of God and will grow quickly.

The FB site is a private group.
It’s in search, but people need to request to join.
All communication and posts are private.
Its purpose is to be a safe place to spill the pain, shock, and questions, that go along with being a Christian parent of a gay child or family member. 

Here’s the ministery email…
again, I’m just in the building stage, but I need a prayer team.
If you, or anyone you know, would like to be on the prayer team…
or need prayer,
please email.

Please pass on to those in need or you feel would like to help. 

Love, prayers, and blessings