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Interview with Della Strickland

ღ(¯`v´¯)ღ About Della Strickland ღ(¯`v´¯)ღ¸ Della Strickland loves being a southern girl with its long, sultry summer days, biscuits, beaches, and a long glass of cold, iced tea. She’s a farm girl at heart, has chickens and Chihuahuas. She loves good, fresh food straight from the garden, family, friends, and books.Della has thirteen book presently on Amazon. Tell… Read More Interview with Della Strickland

Author Interview

Interview with Chloe S. Flanagan

ღ(¯`v´¯)ღ About Chloe S. Flanagan ღ(¯`v´¯)ღ¸ Chloe S. Flanagan is an author, technical writer, blogger, and a graduate of New York University. She enjoys exploring the Christian walk frankly and thoughtfully in her fiction and in her blog, The Candid Corinthian. When she’s not writing, Chloe loves music, travel, reading books in all genres, and spending time… Read More Interview with Chloe S. Flanagan

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Finding Photos

We know we need to be careful when using other people’s photos on our blog or website. A photo we use years ago can come back and bite us in the rear if we just pull one off the web and pop it into the content on our site, we may find that to owner of that photo may hit use with a copyright suit.
I have the answer for you. Below I have links to some sites I have used to get photos for my own use, both on my site, social media and in my book covers. … Read More Finding Photos