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I know today is Fiction Friday, but what I have for you today isn’t fiction. This is a poem I wrote at a time I couldn’t see what in the world God had in mind. But I had seen Him work in my life before and I knew He had something planned. Even if I couldn’t see it… yet.

I named my poem:



In the quiet of the night, I seek Him,

In the silence of my soul, He is there.

The still of His voice is shouting,

“You’re not alone, I’m with you, I’m here.”

There are times when this world gets so crazy,

The pressure can drive you insane.

But in the midst of the madness, I hear Him,

“You are mine, I have called you by name.”

Things can get so confusing,

Like I’m fighting my way through a fog.

Then through the noise comes a gentle whisper,

“Rest now, and know that I am God.”

In Him, I know there is a purpose.

A power that changes the heart.

With all that I am, I’ll forever proclaim,

“My God and my Savior thou art!”


© 2013

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