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Clean the Kitchen- An Allegory

“Come here, child.”

“Yes, Father?”

“Ok, listen to me now, I have a job for you to do. I want you to go into the kitchen and clean it up. There are dishes that need to be done, the floor needs to be swept and mopped, counters cleaned. We have company coming and I want them to feel at home.”

“People are coming! That is exciting! I’ll get right to work. I’ll do my very best job, Father.”

“Child… come here.”

“Yes, Father?”

“Is the kitchen clean?”

“No, Father, not yet.”

“How is it coming?”

“Well, I am taking what you said very seriously… I am spending much time thinking deeply about your words… I have even committed them to memory.”

“That is all well and good, I want you to take my words seriously. Now, go do as I asked. Go clean the kitchen.”

“Oh, yes, Father. I will do all I can to please you.”

“Come here, my child. Tell me, what have you accomplished?”

“Father, this is such an enormous task you have given me, I want to make sure I do it right; that I do the best I can for you. So I have invited some friends over to come and sit around the table and have some hot cocoa and cookies. We will then look deeply into your words and study all of their meaning. Then I will know what to do.”

“My child. Go clean the kitchen.”

“Alright, Father, if that is what you wish.”

“Is the kitchen clean yet, child?”

“Father, this was a large task, and I love you and wanted to do it right. So I went to the library, and then the bookstore. Do you know how many different books there are on how to clean the kitchen? Oh… there are tons of helpful hints! There are ways to make it fun, and different organizational programs… even how to get others involved!”

“That is all wonderful… all those things are very helpful when you’re cleaning the kitchen… But, you haven’t cleaned, have you?

Now look outside, our company is here.”

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