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Friday Fiction – A Story in Dialogue

Today’s short story focuses on dialogue. I love good dialogue in a story, It’s often my favorite part. It lets you peek inside of the soul of the character. Next week I’ll go into more of what make good dialogue, but for today, here’s an example of how a whole story and be created by using just dialogue.

“They’re glass.”

“Yes, I told you they were.”

“But.. what if they breaks?”

“They won’t”

“How can you be so sure? Glass is just… glass… it’s so… fragile and…”

“Trust me. Just look at them. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

“A sunset is more beautiful and… the wispy clouds on a warm summer day.”

“Child, your head is in the clouds, come back to earth.”

“…the stars… who could ever think anything is more beautiful than twinkling jewels sparkling on their velvet-soft blackness?”

“Ella. Our time is almost up and you have much to do before you’re ready to stun the world.”

“I’m not interested in stunning the world.”

“No? Think of it, my dear, you could have all you ever wanted!”

“I have all I want now. I’m content. I may not have the riches that I once had, but I have a peace in my heart. I have time to be with my own thoughts… to read and make up my stories.”

“You make your stories because you want more. Stories are nothing more than the longing of a constrained heart begging to have its way. An ache scratching on your mind to break free of its inner chain and claim their rightful place. You could have power. Real power.”

“I don’t need or want power. What would I do with it?”

“We could…  You could rule the world.”

“We? Is this about you then?”

“No. No of course not! It’s just I’ll always be here with you… for YOU. I can help you change things. Help the people.”

“I don’t understand how these will make any difference at all.”

“Do you not trust me?”

“I have since I was little. You have been there for me since Father died.”

“Yes.. I saw your tears then and knew I could help you someday be… more.”

“But I like who I am. I like my little space. I feel safe in my world.”

“Really? I see how they hurt you.”

“Yes… you bring that up often. You saw things I didn’t… until… you showed me.”

“These will make it better. Trust me. I made them from the stardust you love to watch flashing in the sky each night. I pressed the dust into glass. With these no one can resist you.”

“With all the other important and beautiful woman in the room, you think… he.. will notice… me?”

“With these, he can’t miss you. You will entrance him and rule his heart.”

“I don’t want to rule him.”

“Again I hear mistrust in your voice! Ruling is another word for love. No more thinking. I can do that for both of us. Hurry… put them on. You’re already late. There… just look at you. Now, off you go to the ball. Remember; Ella, you must be home before midnight!”

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