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Friday Fiction – What progress we’ve made.

Grabbing a sheet of Thotrans out of the stationary box on my deck, I curled up on the sofa. Laying the chip in my hand onto the chip in my stationary, I began to think my worried through. As I did, I could see my thought transfer from a jumbled mess to an organized letter on the page. As I saw the words jumping around the paper and switching themselves back and forth, I began to think of my childhood days when I’d hear a story of something my Mother had called a letter. They were written by hand through a board where pegs with letters from the alphabet were pounded. These pegs then printed onto a screen. Email, it was called. My parents also told stories of paper much like the Thotrans, but they had to physically create each word with something called a pen. What time that must have wasted! How did people do it? How did they take all those thoughts and make them come out in any form that made sense? With Thotrans, thoughts would flow easily from a person’s mind. Words didn’t have to form, they were just there. It was so easy to construct anything from a legal paper to a letter.

Sweeping my finger to the right over the sheet, I removed the last paragraph that had formed while I’d been daydreaming, then set back to work on my letter. As I finished, I removed my chipped hand and reread it to myself.

Dear Medical Ministry,

This document has been constructed to express the formal wishes of the female unit 59723, also known as brain pattern Bertha Garthman, to begin the process of transfer. The final payment was deposited in the assigned currency register 30 cycles ago, as agreed in the original contract. Please advise on the waiting period before the unit can be fitted with a permanent organic sleeve.



Nichole Garthman


Uncurling myself from the sofa I glanced over at the table in the main room of my living quarters. The medal box, containing my mother brain patter, sat humming quietly. A soft light pulsed ensuring that the brainwaves were still active.

“I did it, Mother, ” I spoke out loud. The sound was strange to my ears. It had been nearly two years since her body had expired. “It won’t be long now and you’ll receive your new body. I’m sorry Daddy passed before this became affordable.”

Pulling out my notepad, I flicked on the screen and pulled up my currency bit sheet. I had started saving for my own organic sleeve. I didn’t plan on waiting. Now that it was more cost-effective. I should easily be able to afford my own organic sleeve within five years. I didn’t plan on suffering through old age. Not many people did. Soon we all would have our thought and our essence transferred into the perfect bodies that would live forever.  Well, maybe not forever, but when it wore out, the brain chip would just be transferred into a new form.

What progress we’ve made!



Author’s note: This may just be a science fiction story now, but the science is real. Don’t believe me? Check out this.

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