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Interview With JE Grace

I’m very excited to have J.E. Grace here today. J.E. has written several books and is here today to talk to us about one she just wrote.

Tell us a little about your new book. What is the main storyline?

My newest book is A Walk with Heavenly Spirits. It’s a Christian Inspirational Fiction and is my longest novel so far.  

The storyline is about a young woman who has fallen away from her walk with God and has made some terrible decisions along the way.  She has endured a failed marriage and her heart is hardened to love.  She is visited by several Heavenly Spirits that remind that God hasn’t abandoned her. It’s Allison’s story of her journey back to God, her struggles, and hope for a new future.



Sounds interesting! Your longest book? How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was young.  I first started writing poetry and some short stories. I didn’t take writing seriously until I retired a few years ago.  I’ve always known in my heart that I was meant to write.  I also love art, so I was torn between the two. 

In 2016, I decided to publish a manuscript I had been working on titled The Zarion-Saving Mankind, which is a Christian science fiction with Christian overtones. 


I think we all have dreams we put off. It looks like you jumped in with both feet once you decided to take action. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

I have always loved to write but didn’t actually have the aha moment until 2015 when I was working on my first novel.  I had just retired from Real Estate and had the time to write as much as I wanted. My husband was also supportive of my writing.


You’ve written several books now. What inspired you to write this book?

I was thinking about a Christmas Carol and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future one day.  I’m a Christian author, so I thought, why not use Heavenly Spirits to enlighten a person who has lost their way.  It just evolved from there.  I did a lot of praying for direction during my writing process and consulting God’s word along the way.  I feel God was giving me the inspiration to write it.


Did it turn out the way you first thought it would? If not, what was different?

I had an ending in mind so that turned out exacting as I planned, but during some chapters, I was surprised when it was as though the characters were leading me in a different direction.  Especially with some of the struggles Allison goes through and how she reacted to them.


I think sometimes that our characters are alive and make us write their story! How long did it take you to write? Tell us a little about the process.  

It took me close to six months. I’m not one of those authors that can crank out a book in a month.   It was 337 pages so it took longer for me to write and then edit.

 As to the process of writing a novel, it begins with an idea, then an outline of the main points I want to cover in my storyline.  Next, I do a character study with names and all pertinent information for the characters in my book.  I’m a write-by-the-seat of your pants type of author, so I don’t do a rigid outline chapter by chapter. I basically let the characters lead me or figure it out as I go. 


Did you need to do any special research for this book?

I only do special research if there is something in particular I need to write about that I don’t have knowledge of.  I use fictional towns in my novels which may be based on a real place but I give them fictional names. I sometimes look up information on that particular area to get a feel for what it’s like there (history, weather, etc.).


Do you have a special place or atmosphere where you like to write at best?

I have a home office that I do all my writing in.  I’ve always been a night owl and seem to get my best inspiration late night.  It’s not unusual for me to be typing away at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.


I hear that! Once I get started writing, it’s hard to stop.

Are you like your main character?

I did find some similarities between myself and Allison.  I too have had some struggles in life that I’ve had to overcome and feel that made it easier for me to write about hers.  With my close relationship with God, it made writing her journey easier.  


What character do you relate to or like best in this book?

I relate more to Allison since I have faced similar situations in my past.  I like her determination to not give up even though it would be much easier to do.  I like her willingness to make the hard choices.


Did you learn anything new about yourself while writing this book?  

 I found myself getting very emotional while writing certain parts of the book which is something I had never experienced before with any of my other novels.   I was feeling the character’s pain and/or joy at times.


What project are you working on now?

  I am currently working on a Christian suspense novel. This is my first in that genre and the plot is woven around an abandoned mansion built in the early 1900s.   I hope to have it completed and ready to publish sometime early summer 2018. 

 I’m also working on Book 3 to my Pacific Cove series titled, “Loves Enduring Legacy.” It’s a continuation of the Sanders family.


What advice would you give a new author?

Don’t let doubt stop you from publishing your work.  If you wait until you think you think you’re good enough you won’t publish.  Once you have a completed draft, don’t be in a hurry to rush to publish.  Edit and then edit some more.  If you can afford to hire a good editor, do it.   Also, make sure you put a good cover on your book. First impressions do count and a cover helps sell your work.

You only get better by writing.  Don’t make the mistake of comparing your work to other authors.  They are where they are because they made the same journey that you have to make.  Set goals but be realistic.  Write every day if possible.  You only get better the more you write.                                                                                      


Great advice! Last question. How many books have you written and how can we find your books?

I have written four so far.

My books are published on Amazon under J.E. Grace.   

My author page is:

You can also find them on my website at:

You can follow me on Twitter:

Or on my Facebook Fan Page at


Thank you for being with us today. What closing comments might you have for us, today?

It was a pleasure to be asked to do an author’s interview.   Anyone, if you have a dream burning inside of you, don’t ever give up.  Whatever your dream is, take baby steps each day towards reaching that goal.  



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