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One of Those Weeks


This has been a tough week so far for me. I’m gonna blame that mostly on spring. Spring and I have this love-hate relationship.

I love it. It hates me.

I hate the cold so I’m normally the first in the family to start counting the days to spring. Often I start the day after Christmas. I love planting and growing my garden, and the freedom of walking out of the house without a jacket in tow is sublime. However, the shifting weather patterns and the change in barometric pressure from day to day send my migraines into overdrive. I find myself counting the days again; this time until summer.

This week I ended up with not only migraines, but the stomach flu, too. When I get back to work, I find things turned upside down there too. Sometimes it seems, the frustration never stops.

I learned something a few years ago that I found I needed to remind myself over and over again this week. I was going through a particularly painful time in life and working a very public job. I didn’t have the luxury of letting my feelings show. I had to be up in front of others and make them feel happy and comfortable. I learned during this time in my life that many of the things that upset and anger us today won’t even be remembered a year from now. They probably won’t even be remembered a month or a week from now. If they aren’t big enough to cause an issue in a year from now, why do I need to let it upset me today?

Often, the thing we find funny later down the road, stem from less than perfect and frustrating situations now. Even being sick can create some funny moments. Don’t believe me? Think of the last sitcom you watched or the last time you were at a family gathering and “telling stories” on each other. Of course, it might help if we could get one of those laughing soundtracks to follow us around all day; but somehow, I think we still would be upset.

I think sometimes I just need to step back and examine why I’m really upset. When I do, I normally find that it’s not the situation I’m really upset at. Most the time it’s because I’m trying to hold on to something that doesn’t belong to me in the first place. When I give those feelings and frustrations back to God, I soon see they weren’t problems at all.




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