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The Countdown Begins

I had decided that if there was a 5th Tuesday in the month, I would have a fun post. I was thinking of calling it “Fun Fifth.” But today that is going to be postponed. I’m so excited about my book launch on July 23rd for Under Penalty of Death That’s less than a month away!

I have some details to share with you.

First is the cover. I did my cover reveal last week but I’ll share it again here.
Isn’t it gorgeous! Hannah Linder of Hannah Linder Designs created it
You can find her at and I highly recommend her.
She does beautiful work and is great in providing you the cover that you had envisioned. My only frustration is that she doesn’t provide a source file, so any updates on back ends you want to do have to go through her. She is reasonable on her charges, however and makes revisions for $26.

My next bit of news is my Book Launch. July 23 is right around the corner and coming up fast. I’ve created a group on Facebook for this book and I’ll be having a Launch Party there On July 24. The group is called: Under Penalty of Death Book Launch Team. There will be lots of fun and prizes, including book giveaways and a grand prize of a basket full of goodies.
You’re going to love the items I’ve chosen for the giveaway. I want to keep them for myself but I decided that you should get them instead. So… join the group here and be there for the party. I’ll be giving a special prize to the person who invites the most people that are in attendance. SO come join me and be a part of my launch team!

My book is up for presale on Amazon Kindle BUT DON’T BUY IT NOW!

How often have you heard an author tell you not to buy their book? Well, I’m telling you that now.
There is a reason beyond this madness. Do you want to know why?
Here goes…
I will offer my book for free the first two days it’s launched. You heard me right.The first two days it’s up for sale, it will be free. I want as many people as possible to read this. I believe in this book. For me it’s not just a story, it is alive. Have you ever read a book that took you to a place in your life that changed your outlook on things around you? That’s what writing this did to me. I want to share this journey with you. It’s more important to me than making money… so I’m setting it at a price that everyone can afford… free! I want everyone to have a chance to enjoy it.

I will share more as time goes on. I hope you will join my team and help me make this book a roaring success.

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