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Kristena’s Book -It’s Here

Under Penalty of Death

On Sale Starting July 23

Get your copy free July 23 & 24

Book Description

Today, Keturah became a woman. Abba accepts an offer for her betrothal. Will she be chained under the Jewish Law? Her plan to escape the arranged marriage worked. She’s now free to find her brother and live as she chooses. But the lies and deceit catch up to her. If she confesses, will it lead to her death? Is there a path to forgiveness?
Justus‘ devotion to Yeshua results in Abba proclaiming him dead to the family. When Justus rescues a child from slavery, Keturah falls in love with the toddler. But the child’s mother returns, and Justus falls in love. Will Keturah’s jealousy destroy all bonds with her brother? Can they save their relationship?
Onesimus, a runaway slave, has a secret. Befriending Keturah, he finds she has a secret of her own. Will the two friends be destroyed by what they hide, or can they learn to give everything to God?
Will running set them free or sentence them to death?

It was so interesting and had a lot of action. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn’t get enough of (this) adventure! –Maria Henriksen Author of Not Again

Memorable and inspiring. Brings First Century life through a courageous Heroine.  –Portia Hopkins PH.D, M.Div. Ast. Rector, Retired English Head Jessup University

Easy to read and filled with suspense. – Lori Chasko 5 Star Goodreads review

** Award-Winning Author **
Unforgettable characters that will grab your heart. Vivid historical detail. Ancient middle eastern and Jewish culture comes alive. This award-winning novel captures the heart with authentic historical characters, customs and events

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2 thoughts on “Kristena’s Book -It’s Here

  1. Congratulations on your launch day fast approaching. I have also recently discovered that self-publishing is not for the faint of heart. There are so many steps and glitches along the way. Thank goodness I’ve had great people helping me with formatting. Best of luck with your sales.

    1. Thank you.
      I’ve been told that the traditional publishers are now requiring their authors to do most of their own promoting and marketing.
      So my question is, why go with a traditional publisher and give them half or more of your profits?
      If they want my book, they need to give me something I can’t do on my own.

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