A Call and A Promise

by Kristena Mears
Photo by James Francis on Unsplash

And Yahweh said to Abram, “Go out from your land and from your relatives,
and from the house of your father, to the land that I will show you.
And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you,
and I will make your name great. And you will be a blessing.
Genesis 12: 1-2

God Called Abram out of his homeland and told him to journey to a new place. When God called Abram, he wasn’t told where to go. God just said “Go”
Go out from your land and from your relatives, and from the house of your father, to the land that I will show you.”

We don’t know how Abram was told. Did he hear an audible voice? Did he see God in person, or did he feel an inner presence? We aren’t told. We just read that God told him and he knew it was God. I personally think it was in a dream, but that is just my own imaginings. If it was a physical form I think it would have been recorded as it was when the angels came to tell of Isaacs’ birth. I also suppose we would have been told if the instructions were told in a sign, like Moses’ fiery bush.

I often feel like this as an author. I’m sure God wants me to write a story or article. I feel God’s presence when I write, but I wonder if others will receive it? Am I the one that needs to write this?

There are all kinds of reasons I can find not to write.

I’m not qualified.

I’m to old to begin a new direction.

So many things are happening now; I don’t have the time.

Gen 12:4 tells us Abram was seventy-five years old. He should have been reaping the fruit of a well-lived life, but God wants him to start something new.

Imagine yourself in his position. You are safe and secure in your home and surrounded by family and friend. Then, God tells you to go. Should you really leave? Was it really God’s voice? How can I take my family from their safe home and wander through the land without knowing a final destination?

It’s scary to step out in faith. But look at what God promised Abram if he did what was commanded of him.

“And you will be a blessing.”

Does He offer us any less? Doing God’s will and following our Lord is hard. But the reward is great.

Oh, how I want to be God’s blessing in my readers’ lives! 

Prayer for the day
Jesus, help me follow you as I write today. You have called me to this purpose and I know this is what you want me to do. There are times when I dream of being a well-known author. You know my heart. Keep my eyes on you and desire for You alone.
Use what I write for Your purpose and make it a blessing in the lives of those who read it.

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