Fiction Friday

Friday Fiction – You’re a McHanson

by Kristena Mears

Johnny gave an exasperated sigh as he sat back with a scowl.

“None of that now. You’re a McHanson. We don’t give up this easily.” The shaky voice of his Great-Grandfather was stern, but there was a hit of humor at the four-year-olds actions, a twitch of his mouth, a twinkle in his eye. “One more time. Say it out loud this time.” He instructed.

Johnny squared his shoulders and sat up grabbing his shoe and drew his hand along until he had captured the laces.

“Here’s the tree and here’s the squirrel. The squirrel ruuuuns around the tree. Then he jumps in the hole…”

“There you go, keep it up. Now what?”

“Ummm… He comes out right here.”

Johnny’s pride was evident as he looked from the loosely tied knot to his Great-Gramppy’s eye. His smile was only smaller due to the size of his young mouth. Gramppy hooted so loud the neighbors must have heard, as he slapped Johnny on the back.

“That’s the ticket! I knew you took after me.”

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