Fiction Friday

The Mother’s Day Gift – Flash Fiction

Mother’s Day is always special, but this year was even more so. This year my little granddaughter was here with us. Two and a half-year-old Bug was always learning a new trick and she was always so eager to share.

This week’s new adventure was potty training. It’s so fun to watch her get such utter joy a little one can get out of peeing in the potty. Of course, when grandma is around, this makes it even more fun. She just loves those small accomplishments. When the mood strikes her, Bug runs in the bathroom from whatever part of the house she happens to be in at the time, and diligently seats herself upon her child-sized potty chair and in most cases, leaves us a wonderful treasure. It doesn’t end there. Our little Bug then hops and happily jumps up and down joyously cheering throughout the whole house; gathering us all to come and see what treat she has left. Last of all, pulling her mommy down to her to receive her expected “potty kisses.” Now I don’t know how many of you have ever gone through this process at your house. If you have you know that when a child has to go… they have to go Now! They can’t wait until the bathroom is free. This presents a problem at our house. We only have one bathroom. When the family is all here we have to share with seven adults and three little kiddos. If someone is in the bathroom at the time that Bug needs to go, they get to share the adventure. Today it was my turn. As Bug ran in, I was washing my hands after leaving a treasure of my own. Upon seeing the disappearing evidence, Bug forgot all about her own task as she became wrapped up in the pure rapture of my own success. She immediately started jumping up and down, cheering and clapping her little hands. Suddenly, she darted out the door, she cried for the whole family to come and view my accomplishment. Of course, they all came running thinking it was her that they were supporting! As the cheers and laughter died down, Bug looked at her mommy.

“Mommy,” she cried. “Gamma earns a potty kiss.”

Grabbing my leg, Bug planted a juicy kiss right on my knee. Could there be a better Mother’s day present?

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