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Sharing Christ Through Writing

September 27, 2022
Guest Blog
by Mary Garner

I’ve found that as a writer, I have the power to reach people and touch their lives with the words that I write. See, artists touch people through their paintings. Musicians touch people through their music. Preachers touch people through their sermons. And speakers touch people through their words.

Something Special

But writers… they have something special. They have something different. Writers don’t just touch lives, they connect with their readers and they inspire them to dream and change their lives around for the better. They see what their readers see and think the way their readers think, but it’s not you as a writer that does all of that.


You may be thinking…

”Wait… what?”

If you are a Christian author and writer, then you are doing God’s work through your writing. You are bringing light and hope to a world that is both dark and hurting. You are giving them truth that can break the chains of pain, doubt, and discouragement that is holding them back from truly living. 

I’d like to share with you something that I do before writing anything.

I pray.

I pray that God would work in the hearts of every person that reads the words I’ve written and that He would flavor my words with grace and truth.

If I had to give you just one piece of advice, I’d say pray over your work because prayer is what is going to change your words from just black ink on a paper, to transforming words that will open your reader’s eyes and bring hope and happiness to them. 

ღ About Mary Garner ღ

Mary Garner is a 21 year old self published author. She enjoys mornings, coffee, jogging, and writing.
Mary love watching God transform lives through the words that He lays on her heart to write.
A fun fact about her is that she is always smiling and laughing at something. 

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