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Author Interview with Louise Pistol

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Louise Pistole is an author, motivational speaker, and JOY coach. Her daily devotional/inspirational book, ‘Discover Your Joy’ was released in April 2021. Her writing and speaking will guide you from surviving life’s storms to finding your own joy – no matter where you are on your journey through life.
Does life leave you feeling hopeless and joyless?
Are your intentions out of alignment with your actions?
What choices do you make in life to Discover Your Joy?
Do you know you can live in joy every day of your life—but—it is a choice!

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You can purchase Discover Your Joy on Amazon or on Louise’s website.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Hi ya’ll! I’m a true Southern big-city gal with a definite Southern drawl. It’s all part of the charm I bring to my inspirational writing and speaking.

As I navigated my own difficult valleys in life, I emerged with a strong message of joy to share with other women. My inspiration comes alive with real-life stories of hope, love, and faith. JOY really is my superpower!

When did you realize you wanted to write?

Forty-plus years ago, I wrote a children’s story complete with my own illustrations. A few years later, I was writing short essays when my business partner suggested I should write a book.

For many years, I wrote essays in my personal journals. I always thought I would someday write a book. It was actually only a dream until I gave up working long hours and finally had time to dedicate to writing.

Why the topic of joy and inspiration?

Deep in despair, divorced, and working long hours in a stressful career, I listened to a message by my minister about always being joyful and to watch out for joy-stealers. It ignited my fire to study and learn everything I could about joy. Ten years later, I was ready to turn all my journals into a book to help others overcome their own challenges.

Tell us about your book.

My book, Discover Your Joy, was published in 2021. I share personal stories of love, laughter, holidays, kids and grandkids, along with all the good and not-so-good that life has to offer.

Discover Your Joy offers hope and encouragement when we’re traversing life’s storms. It guides you through to seek moments of joy every day and learn to live a positive, joyful life.

Why does joy and inspiration resonate with people now?

The last couple of years, we all have been through tougher times and situations than we ever expected. We’ve been isolated from family, friends, even co-workers. Supplies have been in short supply. Travel has been limited.

All of us have needed a bright spot in our day. Discover Your Joy offers daily splashes of inspiration for living an abundant life of happiness, blessings, and inner peace. A quick inspirational read every morning will have you on your way to discover moments of joy each day. Chock, full of encouragement and inspiration, you will learn to seek and experience true joy in your life.

What kind of preparation went into your writing this?

Writing a book is an enormous undertaking. Like many other first-time authors, I really had little idea what I was getting into.

I had 20-plus years of journals that I planned to draw on to write a daily inspirational book. But all the work I had done did not prepare me for writing 366 daily essays. It turned out to be a daunting task. Thankfully, my editor kept prodding and encouraging me to reach the finish line.

Do you have a favorite place and time to write?

I actually have two favorite places to write. The first is always at the coast. As the waves of the ocean pile onto the sand, my mind is immersed in the peacefulness of my surroundings. Ideas and inspiration are plentiful while I am there.

My other writing spot is in a comfy chair overlooking my porch and gardens. The beauty of nature enfolds me and again fills me up with positive thoughts to share with my readers.

No matter where I am writing, the quietness of early morning is my best time to put pen to paper. I feel settled after studying my morning devotion. The thoughts flow freely. My mind is free from any chatter that will come later in the day.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

Writing about joy and inspiration affords me the opportunity to gather ideas, literally, from anywhere. Every conversation, every interaction, every piece of nature offers either joy in itself or the chance to seek a single moment of joy from the encounter.

How did writing affect your relationship with God?

Twenty years of journals that became the basis of Discover Your Joy were mostly written as prayers to God. The prayers included both gratitude and concerns. Even though I was grateful for so many blessings, I also needed God to lead me through all the battles I faced.

Writing out these prayers cemented my strong faith in God.

Where can we find your book?

Thank you for asking. Discover Your Joy is available on Amazon, on Louise’s website, and most anywhere online books are sold.

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