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Book Review Mad Lib

Guest blog by Heidi Gray McGill

We all know reviews do more than encourage authors, yet writing a review can be daunting. Many people prefer not to leave one because they may not feel they write well enough or know what to say.
If you fall into that category… here’s a fun way to make it easy to write a review. 

Mad Lib Fun

©Author Heidi Gray McGill 2021

Directions: Choose the word(s) that best fits into the blank:

I __verb___ this book! (loved, enjoyed, adored, treasured, devoured)

The characters were ___adjective__. (entertaining, wonderful, amusing, charming, real)

_____Name_____ was my favorite character because _____________________________.

The story was ___adjective__. (Engaging, captivating, sweet, uplifting, inspiring)

I will ____adverb_____ (gladly, heartily, definitely) recommend this book to my friends.

I really hope the author writes more books in this series, because ________________. (I want to know more about a certain character. These characters feel like family. I have to know what happens to ___name___)

I look forward to reading more books by this author because ____________________________. (I enjoy her writing style; I love the way she reveals the spiritual side of her characters; she ties true, historical events to her storyline.)

See…That was fun!! AND easy!

You don’t have to match the author’s writing skills when leaving a review. A couple of sentences do the trick! If you have read a book recently and haven’t yet left a review, please encourage an author today and submit your completed review on Amazon and other online retailers or sites you frequent. You’ll make someone’s day!

©Author Heidi Gray McGill 2021

ღ ღ  About Heidi Gray McGill  ღ ღ¸

Heidi is an optimist who chooses to find the silver lining in life’s clouds of doubt. This plays out in her writing. Her ability to seamlessly weave scripture into the lives of her characters will uplift and encourage you, while her masterful storytelling will keep you turning page after page and wishing for more. 
Heidi lives with her husband of thirty years near Charlotte, NC. When she isn’t writing, you will find her outside playing with her two grandsons, walking, scrapbooking, reading, cooking, traveling, or finding an excuse to have an outing with a girlfriend… as long as they’re driving.

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  1. I write lots of reviews and have to say, this is excellent! A great way to get someone to be able to words to paper when it feels daunting. Thanks for sharing.

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