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Tuesday Talks- Naomi P Lane

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I’m a retired Special Education and French Immersion teacher from Vancouver, Canada. I worked full time for thirty years and raised two kids. I love reading, writing, yoga, travel, nature walks, playing guitar and studying languages.

When did you realize you wanted to write?

I knew that as soon as I retired I wanted to write because writing always came naturally to me. I had kept many journals over the years, and I also wrote a lot in my profession. I simply did not have the time or energy to fulfill this dream while I was working full time and raising kids.

Tell us about this book.

My book is called The Ultimate Cat: A Baby-Boomer’s Guide to Retirement
It is for anyone who is approaching retirement to help them navigate all the practical and emotional hurdles that typically come into play. It is both humorous and pragmatic.

Why this subject?

This subject came naturally to me because both my husband and I retired a year apart. Over the past three years, we have dealt with every big life change you can have thrown at you all at once. We have had multiple deaths in our families, dealt with estates and selling property, dealing with lawyers and siblings, moving and dealing with empty nest syndrome and elder care. It was a lot. Because of this, I feel I have gained a real perspective on how to handle this major transition effectively.

What did you learn from writing this book?

I have leaned how to live one day at a time, without panicking over what may come tomorrow. In my job, I always felt anxious and had to be on top of every little thing. Now I have the luxury of reflection and can see things more clearly. I appreciate the little daily blessings much more.

How does writing a book affect you as opposed to just reading one?

Writing feels as natural to me as breathing. It just comes easily and always feels like a catharsis. I can express myself much easier on the page than in person, although I am not a total introvert. There is a certain sense of freedom when you can take the time to word your message exactly as you intend, as opposed to conversation, where the message is spontaneous. 

What do you find to be the most challenging part of writing?

The most challenging part of writing for me is marketing your work. If you truly care about finding your audience, then you need to keep up to date with current social media trends and be a part of the public reading- writing forum. It is time-consuming. We are constantly learning new technology.

Where do we find your books?

My book is available on all the big platforms, like
Barnes and Noble

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  1. Thank you Kristina for your kindness and support. It means the world to me and to the other authors you have profiled on your blog. You are creating such an uplifting community of authors.
    XO Naomi P Lane

    1. Thank you, Naomi. It’s a joy and a privilege to be able to be encouragement to others. That is my goal and it makes my heart sing that I have been that for you.

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