Tuesday Teaching – Seasons


A devotional by Rebecca Kosko
Photo by Photerrestrial on Unsplash

I love the change of seasons. I eagerly look forward to each new season for the signature flowers, sun, fall of leaves, or dusting of snow. Each one has its unique wonders and delights.

I smile as I think of the colors and smells of the flowers. I am captivated by hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower looking for nectar treasures. I am filled with joy at a planted seed shooting through the soil, reaching to the sky.

In the summer I look eagerly to the warmth of the summer days, times spent playing in water, and the ability to embrace the beauty of nature.
In the fall I love seeing the change of colors, laugh at the thrill of a grandchild trying to catch a falling leaf, and the feel of the cool of the evenings.

In the Winter I embrace the crisp air, delight of the first snowfall, and peaceful silence it creates.

How like the Seasons are the days and years of our lives. We move from decade to decade or life event to event. Sometimes the movement is so fast, we forget we are merely in a Season.

Time can ensnare us into the task at hand, being all important, all-consuming, that we lose sight of the season we are in.

As the Seasons of the year change and meld into the next, take time to stop and see the hummingbird, try to catch a falling leaf, and sit contemplatively in the peace from the snow.

Draw from nature’s gifts, don’t let them pass by in the hurries of the day. Rest in the moment and enjoy.

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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  1. My husband and I have considered moving to a tropical climate, but we both agreed that we would miss the seasons terribly. As you say, they mark the passage of time for us North Americans in such a huge way. All our memories are attached to them.

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