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Colliding with COVID

This is going to be short, but not so sweet.

I found out yesterday the I tested positive for COVID.
This wasn’t what I was expecting, but here we are.

I went into the Emergency Room expecting a diagnosis of bronchitis since I get it this time every year. Not all the symptoms were the same, but it was close enough.
I had a fever that fluctuated from 98 to 102,
I had a wonderful cough, (or maybe not so wonderful.)
I was drained and always tired,

But there were differences too. I also had muscle aches like I get with the flu, and I didn’t have the stuffy head and sinuses I normally get.

I was sent tested and finally, after my Oxegin levels were stable, I was sent home with Prednisone and Tessalon Perles for my cough.
My cough started to tapering down, but I’m still as exhausted as ever… maybe more so.

In many ways, I would rather have this than a head cold.
I hate head colds.
But I don’t like this worn-out feeling either.

Am I worried about this? No, not really.
I have asthma, which I hear can be a complication, but since my cough is going away, I don’t think it will be an issue. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
I can say that this is nothing like the epidemic of the Spanish Flu.
I can say it’s worse than the flu… in some ways. I was never this drained with the flu, but I don’t have the nausea either.

Right now, all I want to do is go to bed…
so I will.

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13 thoughts on “Colliding with COVID

    1. I had a relapse, I’m out of work now trying to get better. The cough didn’t go away between my initial contraction and my relapse. I’m not sure if I was never really over it or if the cough was just holding on.

  1. I’m sorry that you are sick Kristena. Rest as much as possible and go back to the hospital right away if you have difficulty breathing. Don’t be afraid to call for help to friends or neighbors if you need anything.

  2. Been praying for you and for your family.
    Praying for your healing and you heal without any problems afterwards. Praying no one else gets it. Praying you won’t feel bad getting the rest you need.
    Blessings, healing and health to you.

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