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Fiction Friday – The Office – Flash Fiction

Pam sat at the kitchen table in front of her laptop trying to finish the report that was to be presented to the board the next day. The words were not coming. She had been trying to finish this report for days, but things had gotten hectic at the office and the week had gotten away from her.

Now she had taken the chore home with her. It was the weekend, for crying out loud! This time should be spent with her family. But here she was pounding away at the keys on her laptop.

No… that wasn’t true either! What made her think she could get anything productive done here at home?

Allie was supposed to be sleeping in the other room, but like most four-year-olds, she was up every two minutes for some reason or another: “I have to pee”, or “I want something to drink,” or “I heard a noise.”

Always something.

And then there was the cat.  He kept jumping up on the table for some extra attention.

That stupid cat was the most annoying creature in the world, in Pam’s opinion. Then again, she wasn’t a cat lover in the first place. Why had this cat chosen her as his soul mate?

Seriously! How was she supposed to type with the cat jumping on her lap and then rubbing his head in her face? And what was it with the raised tail and then backing up into her face?


‘Maybe it wasn’t so hectic at the office after all.’ Pam thought as she finished her report.

‘It would be nice to get back to a quiet office on Monday.’



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