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Friday Fun Facts – Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie was a successful author, she was best known for her 66 detective novels and more than 15 short stories. but she also suffered from dysgraphia which meant she was unable to comprehend legible written work.

Most of us have heard of dyslexia, but what is dysgraphia?
People with dysgraphia have these symptoms…

  • Cramped grip, which may lead to a sore hand.
  • Difficulty spacing things out on paper or within margins (poor spatial planning)
  • Frequent erasing.
  • Inconsistency in letter and word spacing.
  • Poor spelling, including unfinished words or missing words or letters.

Christie didn’t let this stop her from her dream of becoming an author.

In the days before computers and spellcheck, most writers needed to write their stories and many revisions out longhand before it ever got to the final stage of the typewriter. Christie wasn’t able to do this. Her handwriting wasn’t legible enough to be read, even by her. instead, she dictated all of her material to a typist.

Is there something holding you back from your dream?
Why are you letting it stop you?
Find a way to do what you long to do.

Don’t let anything or anyone tell you you can’t

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