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God With Us

Photo by Batang Latagaw on Unsplash

Those words amaze me. “God with us” Those three simple words changed everything forever.

In two days it will be Christmas. It doesn’t “feel” like Christmas in the Mears’s household. There has been too much sickness and business this year. Mark and I have had COVID. I’m just over the pneumonia that came as a side affect. I’ll finally be going back to work this week. (just in time to work Christmas day… lol… oh well, I can use the double time and a half about now) Now my 89 year old mother is in the hospital with it and… well, that’s not the point, so I’ll leave it there, but your prayers would be treasured.

But what is Christmas? It’s not the “feeling.”
It’s the hope.
It’s God with us.

I was reassured in this by the strangest way.
By the Word of God… But not the Word I thought.

I came across a YouTube reading of Christ’s birth.
Only this was in Old English. Anglo-Saxon
A late 10th or early 11th-century translation, traditionally called the Wessex or West Saxon Gospels, in an 11th-century manuscript known as the Bath Old English Gospels (CCCC MS 140).

As I listened I was struck by the fact that God is God, now and forever.
We change so much. We don’t even notice the change, only as we look back can we see that there is a difference.

It doesn’t matter if I “feel” like Christmas.
It doesn’t matter if my house is decorated.
What matters is that over 2000 years ago, Christ came to Earth to live, die, and rise again. He did this for me. He did this for you.

This won’t change. Not in any langue or any tongue.
God is with us. He never changes, but He changes us.

Merry Christmas.

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