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Interview with an Editor – Deb Whiteman

Today we’re going to dig into an editor’s mind and find out just how it works.
Editors’ minds work differently than the rest of us, or at least different than mine.
While the writer is concentrating on the most creative way to get an idea down on paper, the editor is looking for the correct ways to punctuate and spell. Or at least that’s my idea of the difference. 
Let’s grab some coffee and sit down for today’s interview. 
We are here talking with Deb Whiteman of Deb’s Edit and Sonlight Office Solutions.
So Deb, do you think the above statement is a fair assessment of an editor?
The short answer is yes, I think so. Really, if you think about it, we’re creative also, we have to be creative when it comes to changing a word-choice or re-framing a sentence here and there to make it work, in the area of syntax. Would you agree, Stena?
I would, yes. You’ve helped me out a number of times! I don’t think I could write right without a good editor. When you want to write, right. That’s your business motto. And it sure is true for me!
Tell us what you like best about editing.
I like that I, as an editor, basically, take the author’s baby, their masterpiece, and polish it up and make it really look good; in essence, I make the author look good too. I’m sure their readers really appreciate that as well. There’s nothing quite as bad as getting into what could be a really intense, moving story, but have it be riddled with grammar and punctuation errors. That can be off-putting for some readers.
That’s so true. I’ve put books down never to be picked up again due to bad editing.
How long have you been editing and how did you get started?
Truthfully, it’s really hard to pinpoint how long I’ve been editing. I’ve been an avid reader all my life, and I’ve always loved to ‘fix’ papers and such that others wrote.
I began my official editing journey back in 2010 when I realized I could make money as an editor. Our mutual friend, now my hubby, encouraged me to really think about becoming a professional editor when I began to edit his blog posts and other pieces.
I do write, some, but editing is truly where my heart is.
Well, you are good at what you do! What services do you provide a writer?
I offer line editing and copy editing services.
Line editing is simply going line by line of your manuscript and checking it for creative content, consistency in character’s names and such. Making sure everything makes sense. We also help with rewording or rewriting sentences that need a little help. We help keep the writer’s voice and keep the story on track.
Copy editing is checking on grammar usage, punctuation, and syntax.
Do you provide other services also?
Yes, I also edit blog posts and dissertations.
What are your favorite types of projects?
Because I’m an avid reader, I love editing fiction stories, especially ones that capture and hold the reader’s attention. Yes, yours did capture my full attention. And, I loved the ending!
Thank you! I’m planning on having it in print soon. I’ll keep you posted. But back to you.
How can we get in touch with you if we need you?
Your readers can visit my website at to send me an email. Or, they can visit my Facebook page at
My email is  or
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Yes, thank you so much for this fun and enlightening interview. I appreciate it and you, my friend.
Thank you for taking the time to share with us as our first interview in our weekly series.
And thanks for all you’ve done for me!
Come back next we and we’ll be interviewing Author Leona Pence.
Be sure to check out Deb’s site. I can truly say she is amazing at what she does!

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