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Traveling Games for all ages

On my recent vacation, my husband and I met up with some friends that we don’t see often. While driving around looking at the sites, we started talking about  traveling with kids. Driving in the car was always an ordeal.

We’ve all been there. Going on a road trip can be exasperating for both adults and kids. There was the constant asking, “Are we there yet?” The hourly bathroom stops and who can forget the “Mommy, she’s looking at me.” and “Now she’s looking out MY window!” or “That’s my half of the car! Stay on your own half!”


We laughed until we cried over the silly antics and “pretended” to do just as our kids had done so many years ago. But back then, it wasn’t funny. In fact, it often became the biggest stress of taking a vacation.

Now that it’s coming upon the season that so many are getting ready to pack up their kids and head on that drive down to see family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I thought it might be a good time to talk about some good car games. A few of these were life and sanity savers for us. Some of these you may already know and use. A few might be new, but all are great for both kids and adults.


  1. Two Truths and a Lie


This is just what it sounds like. Each person takes turns making up two true statements about themselves and one lie, then the others try and guess which is the lie. This game even becomes more fun as the kids become teen or adults.




  1.   I really don’t care for Chocolate.
  2.   I buy jeans with holes already in them.
  3.   My favorite place is on the beach.


Can you guess the lie?


  1. Actor Actor


This goes by other names too, and is also good for both kids and adults.

Begin with an actor and a movie. The next person names a different actor in the same movie, and a different movie they are in. The next person does the same.




1st person says Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail.

2nd person say Meg Ryan from You’ve got mail and also in Sleepless in Seattle.

3rd person says Bill Pullman in Sleepless and also in Independence Day.

4th person ….


  1. The ABC Game


We all know this and can be played many different ways. It always worked best for us when we took turns. You can set your own rules but be sure they are clear. Are you using only signs? License plates?

One variation that we liked was instead of going A, B, C, we started with an A and then the next person used the last letter of the word that was just found.


Another variation is to use only city and/or states.


I don’t think we need an example for this popular game.


  1. Mad Libs


This is always a fun game but it’s something you do have to plan ahead and bring some from the store. You can find them at almost any store.

It’s also a good way to do just a little “book learnin'” in your fun.  It’s a great way to teach diagramming sentences.


Now, when you’re all worn out and just want some quiet, that’s when this last game comes in.


  1. One Two Three MOUSIE!


Mom or Dad speaks loudly… and dramatically. One…. Two …. Three…. MOUSIE!!


and at the word mousie… all go quiet!


The kids can make faces and try and make the others laugh, but no touching.

They can try their hardest to to make the others laugh, talk or snort…. but no talking. The first on who talks, loses. Then the games start again. Keep a tally and see who wins the most games.

Keep it going until you have your sanity back.

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