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Look How Things Change

A few months ago my granddaughter and I were spending the day together. We were out for a drive. I had just gotten a new car. As we were chatting the subject turned to my new car and how different it was from her mom’s.

“Cars these days have come a long way from what they were when I first learned to drive,” I told her. “But I don’t remember them evolving this fast when I was a kid,” I said.

As we drove, we talked about what cars were like when I was young. I tried to explain what a clutch was and what it was used for. We talked about how there were no seatbelts and if you wanted to roll down the window, you had to use a crank.

She was shocked! “How could you even drive?” she asked.

We then started talking about how things changed over the years. We imagined what a car might be like in the future; how it may not even have wheels and would hover over the ground.  An excited little girl sat next to me and couldn’t stop talking about what she would put into a car if it was up to her.

As we continued talking, the subject turned to how she may sit next to her own granddaughter and talk about how cars were when she was little. They will be just as surprised that cars used to have wheels, as she had when I told her I had to crank down the window.

Time is such a funny thing and it goes by so fast. Too fast at times. Every moment is so precious and it can’t ever be taken back. It’s too precious to waste on stress and worry.

This week has been a tough week. One of the hardest I’ve had in a very long time. But I have felt the hand of God holding me up all the way. I have to admit that I didn’t start out giving it over to God. I was stressed, but sure I could handle it. Not that that was a conscious thought, but in the end, that’s what it was.

It didn’t take long, however, before I had plopped the whole mess in my Savior’s lap. Even then it didn’t get better. It got worse! But I saw His hand in the mix and I felt His love and power in the peace He gave me.

I’m still in the middle of the issue and it may not ever get sorted out the way I would want it to, but God has blessed me in ways I could have never guessed. He brought two new friends and sisters in Christ into my life. Just when I needed them.

I look back and say, “Look at how things used to be.” And years from now, I’ll be able to look back in more awe and see how far things have come and just what amazing things God has done in my life.



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