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Putting up the tree


We got our Christmas tree today. It’s not up yet; It’s still out in the front yard waiting to come in tomorrow evening. We always end up having to move furniture around before setting up the tree.

This year we got a Scottish Pine. My favorite kind of Christmas tree. Our tradition the last several years is to pick a tree out a few days before Christmas, and decorate it the night before Christmas Eve. That tradition mainly came about due to my work schedule, but I came to love it. We put on Christmas music and made hot chocolate as the whole family joined in to put on our favorite decoration.


That last week before Christmas was always a bustle of activity. I did all my decorating, baking and shopping then, and somehow it escalated the whole feeling of Christmas for me.

This year, my schedule is a traditional work week; at least for this next month while I’m training for a new position at my current job. Training days are always Monday through Friday, 8 to 4:30. Right before Christmas it’s going to switch back to my normal evening schedule. So just about the time I’ll start to get used to working days, I’ll be switching back. But this does give me a nice reprieve right during the Christmas season when everyone is decorating and getting their presents bought.

So, we got the tree early. It’s not a large tree. We settled on a small four-and-a-half footer. But since I’m short (five’ two”) it’s going to be just about right. Last year we got a giant tree that was almost 13 feet tall. It was a beautiful tree, especially after we got it all decorated. I had always wanted a large tree, (it was one of those bucket list things) and it fit perfectly in our living room with the vaulted ceiling. But it was so hard to decorate and then put away, that I really pushed for a smaller tree this year. I’m glad we had a large tree last year. But now that I’ve had it I think I’ll stick to the smaller ones from now on.

I’m going to enjoy this Christmas. I’ve always delayed my decorating and gift shopping until the last minute. I think it will be a nice change to have it all done before hand.

Well, maybe not all, will probably still wait to buy the stocking stuffers until just before Christmas, and of course the baking can’t be done too soon, it wouldn’t last. And I’m not just talking about how fresh it will be… wink wink.

Yes, I’m really looking forward to this Christmas.



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