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Things of the Past Progress Update

I found this program that will let you know how I’m doing on my new projects.
The program is called

My Book Progress 

It’s a plugin for WordPress (it may work with others.) You will be able to come on-site weekly and check my progress. You need to come check with your computer or laptop, however. I can’t get it to work right on tablets or phones
(let me know in the comments if you can see it on your mobile device, or if you have information on how I can get it to work.)

Things of the Past

I’m now working on the second book in my Slavery of the Heart series.
Things of the Past. (working title)

I’ve finished my research stage and I’m starting to writing in earnest.
(For those who have been following, you’ll be interested to know that I trashed my first draft, but I now have a better feel for Aurelia and her story.)


My goal is to have this draft written by year’s end, and then edit in January and February.
Then, the process of working with my editor at Elk Lake Publishing will begin.
I’m hoping the book will be out in Sept of next year, but that’s in the publisher’s hands.

I’ll be posting my progress on my website and sending out updates in a monthly newsletter.
My newsletter will also have interesting facts about Aurelia’s home, journey, and culture.

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to get updated information and insights.
(and keep me accountable.)

Things of the Past Update

Things of the PAST

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