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I Have A Launch Date

Kristena Mears
Sept 6, 2023

There’s so much exciting new!

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Now let’s get to the news you’ve all been waiting for—My book release.

Under Penalty of Death will launch on January 29, 2024

I’m so excited.
I must say, this has been a ride. I wasn’t expecting all the ups and down when I signed up with Elk Lake Publishing LLC.
Traditional publishing differs greatly from self-publishing.

In self publishing, the author has all the control. This has been hard for me. I wanted to jump in and tell the publisher to get a move on. I got frustrated by how many times and how many people had to read and re-read my manuscript; each one coming back with their own ideas on what changes and edits needed to be made.

I believe, however, the result is a much better product. It pushed me to think of the story from the outside. We made several changes and added whole new sections. There is even a new, original song that Keturah sings to baby Aurelia, a song she remembers her Ima singing to her as a child.

I am genuinely amazed at how much better this version turned out.

But why the later launch date?

When I was first told that the publisher wanted to push my book release back into 2024, it quite irritated me. But you know what they say, communication is the key.

I calmed myself and wrote a nice email asking why this change was desired. The answer I received was exciting and humbling.

I was told that many of the book contests went by the calender year. By launching at the end of the year, I was limiting myself to the contests I could enter—
I may not be able to enter them at all because of the late date.

It seems my publisher thinks I have a good chance at winning, or at least placing in some rather prestigious contests. WOW! I wasn’t expecting that.

Now it’s your turn.

I need your help. What can you do?
I am looking for a small group of committed individuals who will work closely with me to ensure Under Penalty of Death launches with a bang.
If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing—

Join my launch team

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take part in my launch team. I truly understand. I know time is precious and would rather have you admit you have other obligations, then commit to the team but not be able to fulfill that commitment.

You can still help.

There is still a job out there for you, and it’s just as important.
When you see announcements about the book, preorders, or the launch,
* Repost it
* Like and comment on it
* Tell others about it
* Buy and read it
* Pre-order Under Penalty of Death
* Post an honest review on Amazon, GoodReads, and anywhere else you have a social media presence.

This is a new book. It’s not the same as the first version. Amazon and other booksellers don’t see this as the same book. Therefore, reviews and comments will not carry over.

I need new comments and reviews. I needed 100 reviews before Amazon promotes the book.

I have received permission to have a $1.99 sale. That is as low as the publisher will go.
I’ll let you know when this will happen.

I know many of you have bought the 1st version of Under Penalty of Death, but please consider purchasing the new version as well AND leave an honest review.

This is as important, if not more, than joining the launch team.

Let me end by saying “thank you” to all of you. I can’t do this without your overwhelming support.

And Now

As promised, those who read my blog will see the new cover before it’s posted on social media—
But you weren’t the first. Those who signed up to my newsletter got to see it first. They also could participate in a contest for some fun prizes.

(Drum roll, please)
Ba-da-da dum Ba-da-da-dum Ba-da-da-dum

My New Book Cover!

Yes, this is a different cover.
If you see the difference, post it in the comments.

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