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Unrealistic Goals

    Set unrealistic goals


I was scanning the internet while watching TV when I came across this quote:

“Set unrealistic goals…”


Did I just read that?

Often we’re told to set goals; It’s how we’ll achieve.

There are many things that goal-setting can do for us.

To find direction in areas of our life

To gain control

To create long-term vision

To improve performance

To motivate us to succeed

To identify results

These are just a few of many reasons that you might create goals.

I like creating goals, myself. It helps me with direction and discipline and I love seeing the light at the end of the rainbow and finally achieving that goal that I thought at first was so far away. So when I came across this quote it took me a little by surprise.

Why would anyone want to set an unrealistic goal?

Isn’t an unrealistic goal unachievable?

Why would you want to put that kind of stress in your life?


When we set a realistic goal we know we can and will achieve it, but to set an unrealistic one means we have to stretch ourselves. We have to learn to do things that we’ve never done before… maybe even something that’s never been done before by anyone else.

If we only set realistic goals, there would never be anything new.

The light bulb was unrealistic, so was walking on the moon.

I’m sure glad that Einstein didn’t limit himself!


Have you ever been told that something you wanted was unrealistic?

Have you ever told yourself something you wanted was unrealistic?

If you had no constraints on your abilities, no restrictions from lack of funds, or no limits on your imagination, what would you really want to do?


There’s always going to be someone out there who will tell you you can’t achieve your goal.


Dream big and fly high.

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