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Why Should I have my work professionally edited?

guest blogger Mike Garrett

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An analogy to illustrate the dynamics of attracting a publisher . . .

Imagine there’s a seamstress who makes beautiful draperies. She’s
confident that she’s the best in town, yet inferior draperies drastically outsell hers. What gives? Her craftsmanship is flawless!

She learns that a nearby business plans to makeover its reception area. 
They want the finest draperies, and hers are exquisite, so it should be
an easy sale, right? She carefully produces the best window treatments
she’s ever done and rushes to the office ahead of her competition. Not
surprisingly, as has happened again and again in the past, this new prospective customer won’t even look at her gorgeous handiwork! She’s rejected once again and can’t understand why.

“The Customer Is Always Right.

What our highly talented seamstress doesn’t understand is that, yes, her
work is far superior to that of her competition’s, and prospective
customers want fine draperies, but not just any will do. They want a 
certain type of fabric, a specific color, and of course, the dimensions
must fit the size of their windows. She’s forgetting the age-old adage 
“The Customer Is Always Right.” She makes draperies under her own terms
without regard to what her customers want.

“Publishers have specifications that you don’t see…”

This analogy obviously applies to writing. Crafting an emotionally
charged novel, for instance, is not enough. Publishers have
specifications that you don’t see when you read their novels. Some are
format-related and others may be structural in nature. They’re invisible
to anyone outside the industry, and until you understand meet those
demands that you’re unaware of, you’ll remain unpublished.

Our seamstress can’t know the specifications of each potential customer
without being told. Likewise, unpublished writers can’t know the depth
of what publishers want without being informed by an industry professional.

A manuscript edit from a qualified editor explains what you’re doing 
wrong that prevents you from being published.

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Mike Garrett

MIKE GARRETT is a devout Christian and life-long resident of Alabama. His world revolves around God, his wife Sharon, two adult children, five grandchildren, a dog and cat, and one granddog. He is an internationally respected book editor and previously published author. Mike first ventured into Christian writing by drafting humorous scripts for church dramas, one of which was “The Thirteenth Disciple.” He also wrote and produced a short film, “Mysterious Ways,” in which he combined his life-long interest in the classic TV show, “The Twilight Zone,” with a biblical theme. Innocence Denied is his first Christia

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