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Guest blogger Chloe Flanagan – Poem

Bug on a Flower

Bee on a Flower by Kristena Mears
do not use without permission

I am a bug on a flower,

A smudge on a looking glass,

A grain of the sand on the seashore,

A blade of the sun-withered grass.

I am a bug on a flower;

Not distinct like the butterfly,

Not so fierce as a hornet in summer;

As minute as a drowning fly.

Yet You, O God of all nature,

Still hear my murmuring prayer,

And did stoop to free my poor spirit,

Fast caught like a bird in a snare.

I am a leaf that is carried

By the slightest wisp of the wind.

Yet You, to my soul, weak and timid:

Your unfailing Spirit did send.

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