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Herod’s Steward Book Review

Feb 26 2014
Book review by D.M. Griffin

Herod’s Steward by Katrina Hamel

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Chuza finally has the family he longed for. Now he just wants to keep them safe. But he also swore to serve Herod Antipas, and his master’s rule is becoming erratic. Chuza must regain his influence in the court while supporting his wife in her new mission. His task would be easier with Titus by his side, but the Greek soldier is still missing.

Chuza’s wife Joanna is a prominent member of The Way—a group led by the miracle-working apostles. But while she tries to share the good news with the people of Jerusalem, a new enemy ravages The Way, dragging men and women to prison. Chuza knows the believers must flee, but getting his loved ones out of the city may be his greatest challenge yet.

As their lives are broken down and rebuilt with Jesus as their cornerstone, Chuza tries to hold his family together. But his master’s fateful choice threatens to undo everything, and Chuza fears his life will end as he began—alone.

Herod’s Steward is book three in Hamel’s Court of the Tetrarch series. Find the entire series here.

About the Author

Katrina Hamel lives in the beautiful province of Alberta, Canada with her husband and four children. As a life-long believer in Jesus Christ, Hamel loves to share the good news of the Bible through immersive Biblical Fiction. Hamel’s passion for responsible study and her love of first-century history lends authenticity to her narratives. With an earnest desire to understand women’s roles in the Bible and within the ministry of Jesus, Hamel is excited to present Bible fiction in a way that highlights women’s value while staying true to ancient culture.

When she’s not writing or researching, Hamel loves to play board games, sip iced coffee on the back deck, and enjoy bike rides with the family. You can connect with Hamel through her

D.M. Griffin’s Review

Herod’s Steward is a wonderful story that captivated me from the start. Katrina Hamel does a superb job pulling the reader into the first century as persecution and political unrest make ordinary life volatile for the characters. Love is truly the anchor as faith is continually tested and fear lurks in the shadows for those called to build the foundation of the early church.
I especially enjoyed the husband-wife relationship between Chuza and Joanna with its beautiful undertones of Ephesians 5 subtly woven into the narrative. The romantic, long-distance tension between Leah and Jovian kept me interested in resolution. Hamel’s writing style supplies the perfect amount of description to paint all the way to the edges of the canvas of imagination until you feel as if the characters are your friends. The way she sprinkles historical context into the narrative sets a tense backdrop that makes this a page-turner.

The narrative has a steady pace that keeps you wanting more as the heart of the evangelical themes grip the mind with contemplative take-aways. Fear and faith truly mingle as believers collide with resistance, not only in the community at large but in their own families as well. The story is historical but does not lack relevancy. Reading Herod’s Steward is a worthwhile investment of time.

About the Reviewer

D.M. Griffin is the author of several Biblical Fiction novels as well as devotionals, prayer journals, and Bible studies. She will release a Christian Fantasy series in 2025. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband. They met in middle school a few days after she was transplanted to the West Coast at the tender age of twelve. She has three adult children who have been an endless source of delight and inspiration. She also has a precious new grandchild who brings her joy. She truly believes that a book that sits on a shelf unread is like a planted seed that never blossoms. Nothing delights her more than sharing a story.

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