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SHAME: Chasing The Monsters Away by Dennis Lee McGuire

by Kristena Mears
March 11, 2024

I’m excited to tell you about a wonderful new book SHAME: Chasing The Monsters Away: Defeating Shame and Condemnation, by my friend Dennis Lee McGuire. This book addresses something that we have all delt with—Shame. Shame is a monster that can eat us alive. It’s a trap that only the grace of God can truly release us from. In this book, McGuire does wonderful job of helping us confront this monster and finding victory over it’s cluches.

SHAME: Chasing The Monsters Away: Defeating Shame and Condemnation,

There are monsters amongst us. And these are not the imaginary kind of monsters that you find in comic strips or movies about superheroes. These monsters are real. And they have names like shame, fear, condemnation, addiction, and abuse.
If you have suffered at the hands of shame, you know how controlling, conniving, and convincing this monster can be. Feelings and thoughts of being unloved, unattractive, unworthy, and undeserving, are common aspects of this nefarious enemy that seeks to deceive and destroy our lives. Shame is a manipulator and is determined to control us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.
If you can relate to these feelings and thoughts, or know people who do, this book is for you. It is a guide to your journey into freedom. Within its pages you will not only learn of shame’s devastating effects, but you will also discover that there is help, hope and healing that awaits those who heed its instruction.

Here is an excerpt out of the book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

King David’s Strategy in Confronting Shame

Like myself, King David was not a stranger to shame. Whether it was his estrangement from his son, Absalom, his sin with Bathsheba, or other things that he struggled with, shame often served as a cruel companion in David’s life.
Perhaps you can relate. I know I can.

If you have been under its influence, you know that shame is a hideous monster. A monster that seeks to condemn and control you. A monster that wants to rob you of peace, joy, and hope. A monster that wants to rob you of your identity in Christ.

Yet, we discover in Psalm 25, David’s strategy in confronting and overcoming shame. In this chapter, David cuts right to the chase. Get out your Bible and follow along.

“To Thee, O Lord, I lift up my soul.” Vs.1

It’s in the beginning words of David’s prayer that we discover the first step to confronting and
overcoming shame.


The phrase “lift up” carries with it the idea of lifting your face or eyes towards heaven. In moments or seasons of shame, God is our only hope. The weight of shame is too heavy for us to carry. We cannot bear it on our own.
Instead of turning to drugs, alcohol, self-loathing, sex, and other vices, we must turn to Jesus
who said, “Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew
11:28-30 NIV

In his prayer, David refers to his soul, which speaks of our mind, will and emotions. Shame runs deep. And so should our prayers, which should run even deeper. We must take a deep dive in our turning to the Lord. A shallow dive will never reach the depths of our shame. And at best, only skim the surface of the pain and problems that shame creates.


“O my God, in Thee I trust.” Vs.3

Turning must also lead to trusting. In David’s prayer he is going all in. He is pushing all his chips to the center of the table. He believes that the cards he has been dealt will play out in his favor.
David is not holding anything back as he cries out to the Lord.
The word “trust” speaks of confidence and security. It literally means to “attach oneself”. David is making a vital declaration of faith. That, as he intentionally attaches himself to the Lord that God will rescue him from his shame and fear.

Once in vs.2 and twice in vs.3 David mentions the topic of shame. Shame was a very real thing in David’s life, and he confronts it by turning to the Lord and trusting in the Lord.

A story in II Samuel 16:5-8, 13 sheds some interesting light on some of the shame that David experienced during this time. There was a man by the name of Shimei who was associated with the house of King Saul. A man who hated and attempted to kill David on several occasions.

Vs.13 tells us, “So, David and his men went on the road; and Shimei kept going on the hillside close beside him, and as he went, he cursed and threw stones and dirt at him.” NASB

As David and his men were leaving the city of Jerusalem, Shimei cursed David and threw stones
at him. He also accused David of being evil and worthless and that God was turning his kingdom over to his son Absalom. Notice how Shimei accused David of being worthless and evil and that he was being punished for what he did to Saul. He also threw stones and dirt at David.

Each of these things are shame tactics. Whether it be demonic entities or those who consider us their enemies, they love to stand at a distance and throw dirt at us and throw stones in our direction in order that we might feel ashamed.

Shame is like a boa constrictor. The longer it wraps itself around us, the more life and breath it takes away. In times like these, we must turn to and trust in the Lord.
David was fighting for his very life.
We must do the same.


The third step to confronting shame is found in vs.4-5.
“Make me know Thy ways, O Lord. Teach me Thy paths.
“Lead me in Thy truth and teach me” NASB

To confront and overcome shame we must also be taught by the Lord.

I want to highlight five important words in the two short verses above.

*Know—This is the Hebrew word “yada” which is used over 900 times in the Old Testament. It speaks of experiential knowledge versus head knowledge. David realized that a key to confronting shame was the need to experience God in an ongoing manner. David is not operating on theory, but experience. This is a fact: The more we experience God, the less we will experience shame.

*Ways—This word speaks of a walk, journey, road, or way of life. It is a picture word of a physical path or passageway. This path is the way of the kingdom of God. The ways of the kingdom differ from the ways of man. To confront and control shame, we must become familiar with the ways of God. There is a kingdom way in which we can confront shame and win. Make us know Thy ways, O Lord.

*Teach—The Holy Spirit is the ultimate teacher in our lives. We must go to the Word of God
and listen to the voice of God to receive instruction.

*Paths—This word specifically speaks of a path that leads to life. Shame is a path that leads to death. Jesus told us, “Narrow is the road that leads to life. And broad is the way that leads to destruction.”
Matthew 7:13 – God’s Word, ways and will lead us to life.

*Truth—Truth is key when dealing with and confronting shame. Why? Because there are so many lies associated with shame. It is important that these lies be shattered.
Jesus told us, “And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32
To be set free from shame, we must know truth, love truth, speak truth, and live truth.
Once the lies are removed, freedom will be ours.


We find our fourth and final step in confronting shame in vss.8-14 where David testifies of the
goodness, greatness, and glory of God. In these verses David declares that God is good and upright. That His paths are faithful and true. That He keeps His covenant. That He forgives our
sin and grants us an inheritance.

As David testifies of the Lord, he focuses on God’s faithfulness rather than his own failures. This reverses shames grip upon our lives. Shame must establish a foothold to gain entrance into our lives. This removes that foothold and replaces it with a “no trespassing” sign. It pulls the rug underneath the enemies’ feet.

God’s faithfulness is greater than our failures.
God’s truth is greater than Satan’s lies.
God’sstrength is greater than our weakness.
When we understand God’s covenant and our inheritance, it is a battle that Satan simply cannot win.

Making declarations of the nature, character, covenant, and attributes of God is key to being set free from shame and its vices.
Speaking and telling of God’s works and wonders tells shame that God is exalted, and as a result it is evicted.

About Dennis Lee McGuire

Dennis McGuire has been involved in ministry for over 30 years and has a heart to see people equipped for ministry in the church and mission to the world. He currently lives along the beautiful Redwood Coast in Northern California, where he serves as Lead Pastor of Arcata First Baptist Church. He also has a radio and internet teaching ministry called Fresh Oil and is the Founder and Director of Redwood Coast School Of Missions. Dennis has a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology from William Jessup University and a Mater’s degree in Church Leadership from Hope International University. He has spoken at many churches, retreats, and conferences and has had the privilege of going to several nations, mainly equipping and training leaders in the things of God. Dennis also serves as an instructor at North Coast Bible Institute.

You can find the books on Amazon, in both Kindle and Paperback. For those who would like a signed copy they can contact me at:

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About Kristena Mears

Kristena Mears grew up watching her dad rise at 3am to pray. She learned God was personal and wants an intimate relationship with His children. Even so, it was years before she gave her life to Christ. Her struggles are portrayed in the characters of her stories. Life is hard and struggles are real and raw—not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities of the heavenly places. This helps form the characters finding victory through God’s grace and love.

Kristena and her husband enjoy 40s/WW2 reenacting, her tropical fish, & travel. Her husband. Mark is a retired C&MA minister. They have released their three grown children into the world and have adopted cats in their place. Grumpy, Loki and Princess Ella rule the house with iron paws.

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