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Under Penalty of Death is Here

Jan 29 2024
By Sandy Evens

Under Penalty of Death by Kristena Mears is now available on Amazon or where ever books are sold

Will running set them free or sentence them to death?

Under Penalty of Death
by Kristena Mears

​Keturah idolizes her brother Justus. He stood his ground with Abba, declaring Yeshua Messiah. This results in Abba proclaiming Justus dead to the family, but intrigues Keturah and heightens her desire to know more. 
Today, Keturah became a woman, but her joy ends in terror when Abba accepts an offer for her betrothal. Devising a plan to escape the arranged marriage is dangerous, but it works. Now she’s able to find her brother and live as she chooses. 
Every choice she makes turns into disaster. Manipulating to get her own way puts her in difficulty and danger. Women get stoned for what she is doing. What happens if Justus and her new friends see through the deception? Her actions may alienate her from her brother forever. Most of all she wonders how much Yahweh demand of her life.

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About the Author

Kristena Mears is an award-winning author, and blogger and retired pastor’s wife. Her short stories have been published in online magazines.
Kristena Mears grew up in San Jose, CA watching her dad rise at 3am morning to pray and worship the Lord. She learned early that God was personal and wanted an intimate relationship with His children. Even with this knowledge, Kristena rebelled and took years before she gave her life to Christ. Many of these struggles are portrayed in the characters of her stories. Life is hard and our struggles are real—not against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of the heavenly places. This knowledge helps form the characters find victory through God’s grace and love.
She is passionate about history, art, travelling, and conducting research. From these, her vivid imagination and stirring stories emerge. When Kristena isn’t busy writing or working her full-time job at an international financial company, you’ll probably find her scanning the internet, researching history, ancient culture, or science.
She spends time with her husband and best friend, Mark. They take frequent trips to the zoo with friends, hike the national parks or explore sites while playing tourist in their own town. Kristena and her husband have a passion for traveling and want to explore historical sites in the U.S., Israel, and the other countries.
Kristena and her husband enjoy historical WWII/40s reenacting. She also enjoys cooking, dabbling in photography and her tropical fish. They live in Harrison OH. Her husband, Rev. Mark Mears, is a retired minister with the C&MA. They have released their three grown children into the world and have adopted three cats in their place. Grumpy, Loki and Princess Ella rule the house with iron paws.
Kristena shares much about herself, her writing philosophy, and her family on her blog. She focuses on supporting her readers and sharing interesting facts relating to the historical times in her books. She loves interacting with her readers through both social media and her blog. Her Slavery of the Heart series has been picked up by, the traditional publisher, Elk Lake Publishing, including her first book, Under Penalty of Death. Under Penalty of Death has been revised, updated and expanded with many scenes and even a new song and will be released in January 29, 2024, with the second book in the series, following in 2025.

Sandy Evans Review

I finished this book in one day!
I could not put it down! I LOVED it!
I have always enjoyed reading Biblical historical fiction, and this book did not disappoint.
As a new believer and matched to marry and unbeliever, Keturah runs away to find her brother for help. She struggles to live as a new believer in her journey.
I found that many of the wrong decisions Keturah made, I would have also made. 
The characters and situations are believable. The pace of the story and action is perfect and kept me engaged throughout.
Under Penalty of Death isn’t predictable—There are twists, turns, and surprises all along the way. If you’re looking for a book that will encourage you to press on in your Christian life and faith, then you have to read this!

About the Reviewer

Sandy Evans is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves working with children and spending time with her family.  Sandy was born and raised in Northern California and recently she, her husband and one son moved to SW Ohio. She enjoys hiking/walking, crafting, music, and, of course, reading.

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