Under Penalty of Death Contest

Under Penalty of Death
by Kristena Mears

​Keturah idolizes her brother Justus. He stood his ground with Abba, declaring Yeshua Messiah. This results in Abba proclaiming Justus dead to the family, but intrigues Keturah and heightens her desire to know more. 
Today, Keturah became a woman, but her joy ends in terror when Abba accepts an offer for her betrothal. Devising a plan to escape the arranged marriage is dangerous, but it works. Now she’s able to find her brother and live as she chooses. 
Every choice she makes turns into disaster. Manipulating to get her own way puts her in difficulty and danger. Women get stoned for what she is doing. What happens if Justus and her new friends see through the deception? Her actions may alienate her from her brother forever. Most of all she wonders how much Yahweh demand of her life.

Under Penalty of Death is coming January 29, 2024
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