Fiction Friday

The Mirror – flash fiction

I found it in the attic and just hung it in the living room last night. The mirror had been my grandmother’s.  Now, here I stood with my own grandchild in my arms, looking at the one piece of history that I still had of my childhood.

My grandmother always hung it over her sofa, so that’s where I had hung it now. This one item had fascinated me as a child.  It still held me fast in its spell. It drew me. What was it about this simple decoration that wouldn’t let me go?

Kevin hadn’t wanted to hang it in our small retirement condo. There were too many dark spots where it needed to be re-silvered, so it had been relegated to the attic. Now he was gone. Age had stolen him from me. Life wasn’t fair. I felt the same dark splotches around the edges that the mirror displayed.

Standing once again in front of my childhood friend, I smiled. It was the first smile in many days; since I lost my Kevin. What had driven me to the attic, I wasn’t sure, but I was glad. As I looked in the mirror, I saw a glimpse of my grandmother holding me in her arms. It was me with little Kaylee, of course, but it reassured me. Life changes, but it goes on. Some things last forever and are passed down. I will always have the love that was given to me by Kevin and my grandmother, and Kaylee would always have mine. One day, I hoped little Kaylee would stand in front of this same mirror holding her dear granddaughter and see my love holding her.

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